Five Minute Friday: Song

I’m really excited about this.  One of my newly discovered favorite bloggers, Lisa Jo Baker, has a writing prompt every Friday.  The rules are you write about the topic for 5 minutes.  You minimally edit then post it.  Real life writing.  Without fear.  My favorite.  So, here I go:


Fade To Black


A couple of years ago it was Veggie Tales.  Next was Taylor Swift and One Direction.   Today it’s Aerosmith.  “Mommy, I want to listen to Walk This Way.”  Seriously?  She’s 5.  As a grown up, I now actually listen to the meaning behind the words of the songs we listen to.  Yikes!  How did I not ever really listen to these words before my 5 year old sang them?  One one hand, I’m a bit mortified, yet on the other, I can’t help but smile.  She is so innocent and she loves belting out the song.  She says that she loves Rock ‘n Roll as much as she does One Direction now.   My youngest, my baby, is moving away from the Wheels on the Bus and moving towards Sweet Emotion.  I would say my emotion is more bittersweet as I hold onto as much of life with my littles as possible.  Tomorrow she’ll be leaving home and my husband and I will be trying to remember where the time has went and why it went so quickly.  It will be time for a new song.  Until then, we will live this song to the fullest.  Right here.  Right now.

*photo credit Hani Amir via Compfight

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