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We all have a lens, a view that we see the world from.  In this season of my life, my view is through homeschooling.  This is not where I envisioned myself when my oldest daughter was born.  When she was 2, we bought a house in a neighborhood near the school- within walking distance.  Not just any school, we picked out this area to live because of the school district as well.  Little did we know that God had other things in mind for us.  My daughter begged to be homeschooled since she was in kindergarten.  Finally, after much prayer and tears, we brought her home after 3rd grade.

I have never intended most of my writing to be geared toward homeschooling- it’s just where it flows naturally.  This is how I view the world.  These are the eyes I see the world with- my lens is directed towards this life that we have chosen.  I have friends wonder how I can do it, how I can stay home with my kids day in and day out.  I have no magical formula.  This is just the life we live.

This view of the world is where God has planted me.  Sometimes the view is murky.  It’s not always clear and bright.  Yet it is always, always adventurous.

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