Five Minute Friday: Fall

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The Famous Winged HelmetCreative Commons License Andrew Morrell via Compfight


Fall is a very, very important time around here- it’s football season!  Matthew, at 9, sleeps, breathes, and eats football.  It’s a little bit of a big deal.  Watching and playing- he loves them both.  His face lights up as he puts on his pads, laces up his cleats, and anticipates getting filthy.  It’s little boy heaven.  Of course, add the serious chance of injury and the danger just makes it that much more enticing.

Sipping a steamy hot chocolate on a brisk Michigan Saturday morning watching the kids in their too big shoulder pads and helmets, drinking out of their Gatorade water bottles and chewing up their mouth guards- there’s nothing like it.  It’s life before play turns too serious further down the road (except for some parents who take the game way too seriously- that is a whole different post).  The kids are out there simply to play and have fun.  Matthew likes to win, of course, but it’s the whole experience of being out on the dew covered field just playing some ball- even when it’s rainy and miserable.

Summer has just begun and Matthew’s already asking when practice will start.  He knows that right after a glorious summer filled with friends, vacations visiting family, riding scooters and skateboards, pool days, and just blissful days with no agenda, football WILL come.  And it will be good.

** let the record show that YES- we are Michigan fans- Go Blue!!

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  1. Found you from Lisa-Jo’s blog. Enjoyed the colors in your piece. Such an ode to sweet boy-ness. Mine is still a little guy, but he is definitely living out life as he was designed. Adventurous, risk-taking. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Joann! I love getting wrapped up in the excitement through little boy eyes- it’s the spice of life 🙂

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