the bassinet and the babies


I have had this bassinet for 14 years.  It held my three babies for their first few months of life.  It was settled into almost every room of the house at one point during the long, tired days of newborn life- the baby sleeping wherever I was at.

This bassinet has been passed down through my extended family to hold many babies over the years. The time has come to pass this on to my sister and her little one whose arrival we are anticipating in October.  As excited as I am for a new family being stitched together, I am sad to see this part of our history come to an end.

It’s time to cradle a new life.

My time is done.  My babies are now 13, 9, and 5.  We’ve moved past the bassinet, the pacifiers, the bottles, and the diapers.  Each season ending amidst joy for the new mixed with sadness for the old.

Just when you think this time will always be here and you don’t see an end, it all changes and time marches on.

Your babies have grown too big for the bassinet next to your bed (or their crib, or their first bike, or their childhood).  It’s time to let go.  Your heart hurts a little.  Sit in the sadness for a bit.  Then, hold your little one and embrace the new tomorrow together while being teary-eyed yet thankful for the past and how far you’ve come.

Be grateful for the precious gift of the bassinet.



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8 Replies to “the bassinet and the babies”

  1. Hey, I would sleep in the bassinet. I would love to be a baby again 😉 Hehehe, another great post Mommy!!! 🙂 xx

  2. Oh, I’m right there with you, feeling a little sadness and a whole lot of gratefulness. My babies are four now, but they’re all stretched out like bean poles, no longer chubby todders. 🙂 I have one more year before Kindergarten, and I intend to make the most of it. Thanks for sharing!
    Jen 🙂

  3. Jen- I distinctly remember that year before Kindergarten too. I knew it was precious before the more scheduled life hit full force the next year. Enjoy it and thanks for stopping by- I appreciate it 🙂

  4. Wow, I love that your kids are just so dispersed in ages. You have a little bit of everything there, don’t you! How fun! You can enjoy the little kid cartoons, have fun with the middle school stuff and be into the teen stuff too!

    I remember when the kids gave up coloring……..sniff! I didn’t mind when they gave up play dough, though, lol!

    We are in a new season too. Our oldest is getting married in a couple of months. Our time with him here at home is short, and yet I will gain a daughter!

    Thanks for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party! 🙂

    1. Nan- thanks for visiting! I like your spin on my kids’ ages. Just yesterday I went from watching Dora with my little to reading my oldest’s new fan fiction story. It is a gracious gift, isn’t it? I will not be sad to see play dough go either 🙂

      Congrats on your new daughter and thanks for hosting the link up. I’ve been enjoying it!

  5. John K Arnold says:

    It seems everywhere I look there are new babies. My neighbor just had one, friends with a baby and younger cousins soon, It is cool to see something I can remember. One friend showed me a phone app they have I will send them this link so they can see a cradle..

    1. Thanks for the visit, John. You definitely don’t see bassinets like that anymore!

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