Small {Five Minute Friday}


I love small things.

Big and grand houses can be expensive and gorgeous, but I’m most comfortable in my well-loved small house.

Big crowds can be full of excitement, but give me some time out with a few dear friends or the hubby, and I can think of no better way to spend an evening.

I prefer the small farmer’s market to the large grocery store chain.

I cheer for the underdog, no matter how bleak their chances are.

Big can be loud, boisterous, intimidating.

Small is graceful.

God has used many small people over the years to do great things.  Jesus himself loved and honored little children.  He knew when the woman touched his cloak for healing.  She was small and an outcast. No one else would have taken any notice of her.

So, if you feel small today, take heart.  You are not invisible.  No ministry or act of kindness is too small.  God may want it that way.  He may be calling you to small.

Have Faith.  Small can change the world.

Joining with the flash mob of beautiful women writers over at Five Minute Friday today.  Please join us!

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16 Replies to “Small {Five Minute Friday}”

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lynne! They are greatly appreciated 🙂

  1. Hi Cheri-I hopped over from Five Minute Friday. I love small because to God, small is big. It gets confusing because Jesus turns everything upside down. So is small big or is big small? FYI-I homeschooled and now my son is in grad school and my daughter graduates from college in December and they are so cool! It is so worth it!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Carol! And thanks for the glimpse into your life with homeschooled kids now. It’s encouraging to know that they do turn out all right- I’m not ruining them. Some days are hard- especially when someone asks your kids what they are learning and they say, “Nothing” – aaahhhh 🙂 Big picture, I know they will be fine- it’s just nice to hear it from someone on the other side- thank you!! Blessings!

  2. Beautiful writing, Cheri! You really made an impression with me when you said you wish to build a community rather than amass as many ‘followers’ as you can. Me, too! I just started this whole ‘blogging’ thing and not so sure on it, what are my intentions? I blogged on this – ha ha. I enjoy the writing, and I have found a few sites that I enjoy reading and are inspirational, but I can see, you can get carried away! Another example of keeping it small! 🙂 Curious what you use for your software? I started the blog on wordpress and have not found a template that I like yet – don’t want to spend the money on the premium ones not knowing if I will like … any advice on this whole blogging thing that you have would be appreciated. Happy Friday!

  3. I realized my writing changed when I stopped worrying about growing and concentrated on community. Sure, I would love to grow, but I am trusting that God will bring others here if he wants them to hear my words. It is hard and you’re right I sometimes can get so wrapped up in other sites that an afternoon can be gone! It’s a fine line, isn’t it? To be inspiring and to be inspired 🙂
    As for software, I did buy my domain and I self host through Bluehost using Maybe there are more themes on .org vs .com? As you’ve probably noticed, I play with my themes a bit 🙂 If you want to chat more in depth just fill out the contact form on the menu and I’ll email you back. Blessings, Karen!

  4. Yes…this is the call in the deepest part of my heart, the call to be small. Smaller, smaller, smaller…and it’s almost like I’m playing hide and seek, like a little child trying to tuck herself into a tiny corner somewhere, giggling to myself…smaller. Because when HE enters the room, and takes up its four corners with His presence, I want to be smaller still to make even more room for Him. I love this beautiful smallness. I love being overwhelmed by His goodness.

    1. Amy, such beautiful words- thank you so much! I am looking forward to being “small” with you wonderful ladies at Hello Mornings 🙂

  5. LOVE this. So great. Thank you for the True words today.

    1. Thanks, Emily! I won’t ever see a picture of a gorilla without envisioning you trying clothes on in China- love it! Have an awesome weekend!!

  6. I’ve always loved the story of the woman who touched Christ’s cloak. Yes, small can make big effects!

  7. Me too! It’s such a heartening story. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend gearing up for Hello Mornings 🙂

  8. Beautiful words and I really needed to hear them today. It reminds me of the phrase “let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.” We may be small, we may FEEL small…but you are right, God uses small and small can change the world.

    1. Such true words, Ami! Thanks for visiting my small piece of blogdom again 🙂 Blessings to you!

  9. This is beautifully encouraging. I’ve been asking the Lord as He continues to grow my reach, how I stay small, in the midst of it all. I have to keep humbling myself over and over again, knowing that nothing comes to me but by His hand.

  10. So true, Barbie. I do love the community you are leading – full of hope and grace. It speaks to my soul – thank you!

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