2013-2014 Curriculum for Kindergarten

I’m taking a break from my regular writing as I work on curriculum for the kids this year.  I always like seeing what tools others use so I thought I would share mine!



This year will be the first year all 3 kids will officially be “in school.”  Ellie and I have done many crafty and fun preschool activities over the past couple of years but she is ready for more.  This girl can’t wait for school to start!  In my dream world the other 2 feel that way too <smile>.

Once I wrote this all out I realized it looks like quite a lot for a Kindergartner.  I am very relaxed in my homeschooling so we will be spreading all of it out throughout each week (maybe two).  I believe 5-6 year olds, more than anything, should be allowed to PLAY.  Sprinkling in a nice routine of reading, writing, and math is my overall goal for the younger years.

  • Five-In-A-Row (FIAR) –  this will cover reading, history, geography, and science.  There are 19 weeks in each volume.  I think doing this every week would get tiring so we’ll be spreading Volume 1 out over the entire school year.  I have some season themed lap books and activities planned as well to keep it fun!
  • All About Reading (Pre-reading) – Ellie’s pretty excited about this one. We’ll be working through the alphabet while we are laying a solid foundation for reading.
  • Explode The Code (A,B, and C levels) - focuses on the consonants and their sounds.  Fun workbooks that help with handwriting/letter formation as well.
  • Early Bird Mathematics Level B from Singapore Math – early introduction to math.  Lots of activities to keep Ellie’s interest.
  • Bible Writer – this e-book combines copywork and bible verses with the alphabet.  Simple introduction to both.  It’s a win-win.
  • My Calendar Notebook from Homeschool Creations –  A little counting, weather, learning the months and time, along with practicing writing.  It’s a free resource and a great way to start day (thanks to my awesome friend, Christy for showing me this)!

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. I am planning on starting school next week yet I’m still organizing for the other two kids.  Health issues the past couple weeks have put everything on the back burner. That’s one thing I love about homeschooling- the flexibility!  If we don’t start until the next week we still won’t be behind.

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  1. Jill
    Jill 08/28/2013 at 10:32 am | | Reply

    Cheri- I’m so excited for you and your family as you follow your heart and God’s call with schooling again this year. May all of you be blessed in this process and hopefully the joys and rewards will outweigh the struggles.

  2. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

    Good luck with getting all of your lesson planning done. I need to find some cool materials for my youngest son, I will soon be a WAHM and want to still give him the learning experiences that he had at daycare.

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