About Me


I’ve always had a hard time talking about myself; except to the the mirror as I’m accepting one of the many fabulous awards I’ve been given {wink}. I digress.

Let’s start with the basics:

I’m Cheri. 40-ish. Wife to an amazing man for the past 17 years and Mom to 3 of the most awesome people on the planet, all of whom I love fiercely.

I’m a Christian although I prefer to call myself a Jesus-follower. The word Christian denotes to some words like anger, judgment, close-mindedness, ultra conservative- of which I am none.

We homeschool which basically just means that we’re crazy {smile}.

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd although I oftentimes think life would be easier.

I am a homebody, which works very well for my introverted self. I adore my friends and family even though I need a lot of space to my days.

I never thought I would be a dog person. My furry little Yorkie-Poo, Luna, has proven me wrong.

I’m a Michigander through and through.  I love the lakes, the sunsets, the seasons. Other than a 5 year stint in Austin, Texas (which I loved except for the heat and fire ants), my heart has always been smitten with the mitten.  West Michigan is home.


Now some randomness:

I never really liked coffee until I hit 40. It has to be french vanilla flavor (with a little stevia and half and half thank you).

I’m an artsy/crafty wannabe.

I’m a bookworm. I love how words can be strung together to make beautiful quotes, and sentences, and stories that make me think.

I don’t read a lot of fluff. I want stories that make a difference. When I read, I want to learn something.

I love all things Harry Potter. I wish I knew Professor Dumbledore while I was at Hogwarts. Muggles just don’t understand. And Neville Longbottom?! Wow- he grew up to be one cutie!

My all-time favorite vacation in the world is traveling on the Disney Cruise Line. There is nothing like it.

I want to be a better person. Always.


Something I’m proud of:

My blog post here was included in the book, No More Perfect Kids  (page 34 – just sayin’). Jill was one of the authors who guided me with her words when I first had kids. I am so honored!

If you’re still reading, then you must either be my sister or my mom {wink, wink}.

I am so humbled and thankful you’ve stopped by.  Welcome!

…whatever is true, whatever is  noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.

Where life is hectic yet oh so sweet,



Friendly comments and suggestions are always welcome